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The Upside of Down
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

If you, or a loved one, are depressed or experiencing Bipolar Disorder, Del Mar Community Connections invites you to attend their new Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) group. Led by Del Mar resident Roger Alsabrook, a certified Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance facilitator, the group meets at the Del Mar Community Building on the fourth Wednesday of each month, and welcomes people who are experiencing symptoms as well as their friends and relatives. “Friends and relatives,” says Roger, “are deeply affected by the extreme mood swings of people they care about. We give them an opportunity to talk with each other, as well as to listen to those directly facing these challenges.”

Roger, who has facilitated similar groups for five years, believes there are many people in Del Mar who are dealing with forms of depression and are in need of peer support. “Talking with others who have shared similar experiences shows you that you’re not alone and lets you open up,” he says. “It’s much easier to speak freely with others who have experienced the same things you have.”
The next meeting of the group will be on Wednesday, June 26th, from 3-5pm, at the Del Mar Community Building at 225 9th St. All Del Mar residents are welcome, and no reservations are required.

For more about the San Diego chapter of DBSA, see their website at www.dbsasandiego.org. For information or questions about the meetings, please call Heather Glenn at (858) 792-7565 or email her at heather@dmcc.cc.



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