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The Beach Safety Center.   Note: The material for the Capital Works projects was presented on a PowerPoint document by Joe Bride, Deputy Public Works Director, on May 6th to the City Council. The projects were carried out during the current fiscal year. The photos from the PowerPoint document may be viewed here in pdf format. 


17th Street Beach and Safety Center
The 17th Street Beach and Safety Center was completed last spring for a total construction cost of $2.6M. Funding partners include a grant from Coastal Conservancy and fundraising from the Friends of the Powerhouse. The project was selected for an Honor Award by the San Diego Section of the American Public Works Association.

Emergency Operations Center Generator
The Fire Dept received a State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grant in the amount of $41,537 to fund the Emergency Operations Center generator Project.(EOC). The project purchased a 35kw portable generator and installed transfer switches and electrical upgrades at Public Works and Del Mar‘s EOC center (City Hall Annex). The generator is stored at Public Works and is now capable of connecting and providing power to either faciIity in case of an SDG&E power outage. Staff has had EOC training emulating SDG&E power outages and operated both facilities off generator.

Vector Habitat Remediation Projects
The City received a $600,000 grant from the County of San Diego DEH Vector Grant Fund for the purpose of reducing mosquito habitat. The funding was split between two projects. The first project was completed by Portillo Concrete in early May with the installation of a new French drainage system that removed the standing water along the southern shoulder of San Dieguito Drive. The other project will cover the ditch by the tennis courts and will install a nuisance water control system along the railroad property all the way to 28th street.

Tot Lot Bluff Cable Fence
A new cable fence was installed along the bluff adjacent to the southern end of Powerhouse Park, the Tot Lot and Sea Cliff. This 600-foot fence was funded from the General Fund in the amount of $14,000 and completed by Frontier Fence.

Annual Streets and Drainage Improvements
Annual street and drainage Capital Improvement Projects, which are funded with a combination of Transnet Funding, Community Development Block Grant Funds, and General Funds are almost complete with the reconstruction of the intersection of Camino del Mar and Via de la Valle. This project replaced curb, gutter, sidewalk, cross gutters, ADA Pedestrian Ramps, a new asphalt grind and overlay, new traffic signal devices and controllers, and a signal preemption system for emergency response vehicles. A new sidewalk was constructed to North Beach with a new entrance and drainage improvements.

Streetlight Retrofit
The City secured a $25,000 Energy-Efficient and Conservation Block Fund grant from the California Energy Commission to convert the 32 Del Mar-owned High Pressure Sodium streetlight fixtures to energy efficient Induction Luminaries. The grant covered the cost of the fixtures, the installation, and also the staff time spent working on the project. The new fixtures will save the City about $2,600 per year in energy costs.

Shores Maintenance BuiIding Removal
Public Works contracted with Hidden Valley Backhoe Services in the amount of $15,000 for the removal of Del Mar Union School District’s former maintenance building located on the Shores property. The project, required to eliminate a safety hazard, was scheduled during the Winston School spring break and was funded by the Open Space Acquisition Reserve

Del Mar Library
The reception area was reconfigured, and new carpeting installed. The improvements were funded by a combination of the General Fund and the Friends of the Del Mar Library.

Del Mar Communications Center
The ceiling, floor and walls of the meeting room at the Television Studio were remodeled in addition to electrical work.

Bi-annual Water and Sewer Improvements
The City implements bi-annual water and sewer Capital Improvement Projects for the smalI fixes that need to be made to the water and sewer system that are funded from the water and sewer funds. Examples of these small fixes include replacing malfunctioning valves, lining valves and installing cleanouts.

Pavement Management Study
The City’s ongoing Pavement Management study is nearly complete. The City contracted with a specialty firm to conduct an extensive field survey using their high-tech vehicle equipped with lasers, cameras and trained technicians to provide an objective rating of the condition of the City’s roadways. The final product will be a report staff can utilize to plan and budget for the capital investment required to maintain the City’s streets.

Torrey Pines Bridge Retrofit
Construction of the Torrey Pines Bridge retrofit began in December 2010 with a $14,000,000 contract to Flatiron Construction. TY Lin International is the City’s on-site Construction Management Company. It is 100% funded by a combination of federal FHWA (funding), statewide Bond Measure and state Proposition 1B funds.

Completion date is December of this year. Pre-cast girders have been set along the eastern side of the bridge. Pre-cast decking will be installed in the next few weeks (with some more night closures), In June the cast-in-place surface will be placed. In July, a new 600-foot concrete barrier will be placed. In August the final traffic switch will move over to the east side, while the contractor removes the temporary bridge structure on the west side and builds the new sidewalk and concrete barrier on the west side. The final phase of construction will be for the gas Company to reinstall a 12-inch gas line that had to be disconnected during construction.



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