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OPINION: Gun Sales for Gun Control?
Henry Abarbanel | Crest Road


The Newtown massacre, the Columbine High School shootings, the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the list goes on, and the outrage against the American addiction to using guns to kill others persists.

It happens that Del Mar is in a special position to make a loud and clear statement against this plague, and I would like to suggest our City take a principled, nontrivial stand here.

We all know that gun shows occur on a regular basis at the Fairgrounds. The City Council, to their credit and honor, voted unanimously to request that these shows, legal but lethal, be held elsewhere. Kudos to our leadership.

Yet, Del Mar, among all cities in the San Diego region has another very prominent role it can play. As the Fairgrounds lie within our jurisdiction, we have the right to collect sales taxes on all sales at events there. This ranges from cinnamon buns to recreational vehicles to ammunition and assault rifles.

Having taken a stand against the shows, the City of Del Mar can now choose to identify the sales tax collected at each of the shows hosted within our City and send it, every penny of it, to effective organizations working for gun control within the United States.

While I do not personally know all such organizations, I recall that Councilmember Don Mosier while serving as Mayor joined Del Mar to the Bloomberg group “Mayors for Gun Control.” That would be a natural group to support with the sales taxes from events against which we have already taken a stand as a City.

To our friends and neighbors on our City Council: Please take this simple, loud, and effective stand to bolster the simple, effective and loud stand you have already taken. No one else in our region can do this, and boldness here will be rewarded in other areas of the State where other cities can learn from Del Mar’s leadership.



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