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The Good News About Crime
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Every year SANDAG publishes a report on the crimes per population in San Diego County. These reports are published for the prior year each April. Each year Del Mar has the highest crime per one-thousand people in San Diego County. The population for Del Mar is based upon the census number of 4,200 people.

Del Mar has at least 5000 people living in the city as the census does not count people who live in Del Mar on a part time basis. But more importantly, because of the attendance at the Fairgrounds and Race Track and with our beach visitors, we have over 4 million people visiting our small city every year. If one were to spread this out throughout the year we actually have a daily population of 15,159 people.

Del Mar had 226 crimes committed in 2012. Our crime per thousand based upon 4,200 is 53.8. Our crime per thousand based upon 15,159 is 15.16. This revised rate puts us as one of the lowest rates in the county – equivalent to Poway.

No crime is good, but to suggest that Del Mar is crime ridden just is not supported by the facts.



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