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Roving Teen Reporter:
Teens on the Town
Leila Zein-Phillipson | Torrey Pines High School Junior

“What is the best part about living in Del Mar? The perfect weather and the beach. What else does one need?” was Aaron’s reply. Aaron added that he has lived in Del Mar his whole life.

With blue skies, temperature rarely dropping below sixty degrees farenheight, and almost constant sun along the beautiful West Coast of the USA, what else could a teen possibly want in Del Mar?

“New restaurants would be nice. I like Poseidon and Jakes but a health food or affordable modern-type restaurant would be nice” said Nathalie, who moved to Del Mar when she was 9 and enjoys the fact that in Del Mar “it’s basically summer year round.”

A hot spot for teens in Del Mar is Board and Brew. Board and Brew has been open since 1979.

“Nothing compares to a Board and Brew sandwich” said Rachel .

Another restaurant that caters to teens in need is En Fuego. En Fuego has been open since the 1930s ,serving visitors and locals alike and also providing jobs to SDUHSD teens.

“En Fuego offers jobs as hostesses to local students. It’s a fun job” said Lauren who for a period of time served as a hostess along with her friend Michelle who currently works there and has been working at En Fuego since she was 16.
En Fuego is not the only place in Del Mar offering teens jobs. In the summer, the San Diego County Fair offers employment to teens as well. Every summer the fair brings approximately 1,800 jobs to the area.

“I worked at the fair last summer as a groundskeeper picking up trash. My friends did it too and the work wasn’t hard,” said Eva.

One thing Del Mar does not currently have, but that would be attractive to teens, according to Julia, is a movie theatre.

“I think a movie theatre in the plaza would be useful.” However Julia also stated, “It’s really not that bad though cause Del Mar is located in the middle of Carmel Valley, Solana Beach and La Jolla and you can find things [Del Mar] doesn’t have in those towns.”

Del Mar offers great weather year round, two miles of sandy beaches, teen-friendly restaurants, jobs and is located in close proximity to bordering cities that offer the few amenities Del Mar does not have.


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