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No Seat for You
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


Del Mar is perilously close to losing its last best chance to get a seat on the newly configured Fair Board. Solana Beach and San Diego are also being denied seats.
The process of “localizing” the board seems to be guided by Adam Day, current Fair Board President (rumored to be a future candidate for Board of Supervisors). Day, a Republican, claims to be representing the views of Democratic Governor Brown saying that five new seats will be added to the nine gubernatorial appointees, one seat for each Supervisor.

City Councils from Del Mar, Solana Beach, and San Diego maintain they should be represented directly because they are the cities most directly affected by Fair Board decisions. It isn’t a pitch for control, only representation, a seat at the table to express local interests. These arguments appear to get little support.
The process is somewhat murky with suggestions that un-named individuals are exercising influence over the process. Some are suspicious that the Governor is being influenced by Lynn Schenk, former chief of staff to the Governor and sister of current Fairboard member Fred Schenk.

Del Mar Council members are working cooperatively with Solana Beach and San Diego to get representation for all three cities. They appear to be frustrated by the lack of direct communication from the Governor’s office.

Interested citizens can attempt to influence the decision by contacting both the Governor’s office and the County Board of Supervisors.



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