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Young Masters
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera


5 artists:   l to r.  Jien Sun; Natalie Chaffin; Emma Parella;
Sarah Gustafson; Sarah Walde. Photo Art Olson

On March 3rd a reception and awards ceremony was held at the Del Mar Art Center, the volunteer-based gallery of local artists located at street level in the Plaza. Showing, were the works of an advanced placement art class given at Torrey Pines High School. The young artists featured were all 12th graders and they displayed a wide variety of media and technique. The students found expression in materials ranging from pencil drawings and photography to papercuts and paper cups.

Ladies of the Night by Sarah Gustafson. Photo Art Olson


Paper cut portrait by Genna Lee Malcangio (Honorable Mention.  Photo Art Olson)


Face by Kathleen Li  (First Place).  Photo Art Olson


Gambling-Dress by Jien Sun (Third Place).  Photo Art Olson

Their art teacher, Julie Limerick was rightfully proud of her students’ work. Julie, a Florida transplant has taught at Torrey Pines for 3 years and obviously enjoys it, showing great enthusiasm and joy at the award ceremony. The awards were based on the vote of the members of the Del Mar Art Center, and included scholarships and other prizes.

AP Art teacher Julie Limerick.  Photo Art Olson

The student works explore a number of social and aesthetic issues, some utilizing common objects to exemplify a concept – such as the poker-card festooned dress made by Jien Sun (3rd place winner) that physically and literally embody the progression of gambling addiction, or the highly fashionable “Ladies of the Night” painted on Starbucks cups portraying today’s café society. First place winner was Kathleen LI whose pencil composition deconstructs a face into individually framed pieces placed on a grid in enigmatic order, compelling the viewer to observe the face with a fresh perspective.



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