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Rainforest Rescued
Luana Karr | DMTV Foundation


From l: Showcase Host Larry Jones, guests Ivan Gaylor and Michael McColm on the set of “How to Save A Rainforest,” an interview show regarding the volunteer work of Ivan Gaylor founder of Nature & Culture International and Michael McColm head of their Amazonas Office in Peru. Photo Luana Karr


Stepping out from the control room doors and into the producing and hosting spotlight, Larry Jones, community producer at Del Mar TV picked an extraordinary story to share with us.

“How to Save a Rainforest” takes us on a journey through the magical ecosystems of Peru and Ecuador as seen through the eyes of Nature & Culture International founder Ivan Gayler and Mike McColm, who is currently the head of the Amazonas Office in Peru.

After a fateful flight over the Amazon, Ivan witnessed lines and lines of fires burning down this diverse biological and culturally rich areas stretching from the arid coastal areas of Peru, across the High Andean Mountains and into the rich and dense rain forests. After this experience he decided to make a difference and for the cost of refurbishing his Del Mar kitchen he found he could save a section of rainforest.

This was when Nature & Culture International was born. With the help of Mike McColm and others, this organization has saved more than 5.5 million acres of diverse Amazonian Rain Forest in Peru.

The viewer will see some wonderful video and photography of the beautiful people, plants and animals that make up this fascinating country. As Ivan says “dreams lead to reality.” Over the past two decades, these efforts have established a mosaic of private, community and government reserves with integrated programs devoted to science and conservation education.

You can watch “How to Save a Rainforest” Thursday April 4,18 and 22nd at 8:00p.m. or Wednesdays at 4:30p.m. on Del Mar TV Time Warner digital channel 130 or AT&T channel 99. You can also stream it at www.delmartv.com.


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