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Where the Bonbons Are
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera


Photo Shirley King


Del Mar’s Chocolatier, Laura Reyer, has taken the high ground – the second level of the Del Mar Plaza for her Chocolate Bar café relocated from 1416 Camino del Mar and a continuing business commitment to local products and confections hand-made at her Carlsbad store. The Del Mar Chocolate Bar bears a close resemblance to its very successful Carlsbad mother store now with specialty hot and iced coffee and tea drinks and heavenly pastries. Taking up residency in the former Sunset Ice Cream shop and beside the vacant Harvest Ranch Market, this café and confection shop is becoming a new community gathering place – where visitors and residents can drool together and then enjoy their selections at the outdoor seating with its grand ocean view.

Walking into the new Chocolate Bar prepares your visual senses with the chocolate and caramel colors of the walls and flooring. Quickly your pupils dilate to absorb the landscape of display cases that burst with chocolate wrapping and infuse everything in sight. You are flooded with decisions about buying by the piece, by the bag, by the box. No chance of being disappointed – just more and more temptation.

As a small business-owner, Laura’s emporium is dedicated to family-owned confectionary companies, local pastry-bakers and the La Costa Roasting Company for her suppliers – hand-chosen and close at hand. Unlike coffeehouse chains, names need not be mentioned, her counter products are free from corporate logos, the imprint of global marketing and have not been delivered by trolleys from a long-bed truck.

Laura established her business to recreate the adored candy shoppe that she experienced as a youth on family vacations – where both young and old can drown in delight together.

At last we have a new magnet in our Plaza that will accommodate every sweet tooth and buzz-seeking coffee drinker. The Del Mar Chocolate Bar is the place for intergenerational pleasure - while wondering how to solve the universal dilemma - so much chocolate, so little time.


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