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Fairboard Drones On
Art Olson | Avenida Primavera

In a joint announcement made last week by the 22nd Agricultural District Board and Exhibitor, Crosshairs Over the West (COW), a new series of exhibitions will be taking place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Fairboard spokeswoman, Eve Knight, stated that a groundbreaking three-year contract has been inked with Crosshair’s President Skylar Hunter. The contract commits to holding as many as five Drone Shows per year in Del Mar. Ms. Knight explained that both the Fairboard and Mr. Hunter feel that consumer oriented drones are the wave of the future, and the Fairgrounds is a perfect venue for such a show.

Mr. Hunter stated: “The era of airborne remote-controlled firearms is clearly upon us. The amazing technical advances and growth in production of these devices has dramatically increased their utility and useability and has made them affordable for the masses. Thus we are aggressively promoting their availability for all Americans. They are obviously the future of personal weaponry for both sport and protection and even the faint of heart must concede that their possession and use is clearly protected by the U.S. Constitution. The variety, capabilities and range of drone products is astounding, and we see a growing demand for them. We have worked hard to assemble a list of international suppliers and distributers of drone products that discerning consumers will want and need, and we will be showing them off in all of their glory in entertaining ways at these shows for the entire family to enjoy.”

When questioned about the implications of the proliferation of drones and their possible misuse, Mr. Hunter was quick to point out the benefits of the technology. With the DeerStalker™Drone, for instance, sport enthusiasts will be able to shoot their quarry from the comfort of their own living room using a joystick and HD TV, and without risk that they’d be shot in the crossfire by other hunters. As for personal protection, imagine having a Drone@Home™ security drone, constantly circling above your house, using patented Bad Guy Recognition Technology™ to spot and stop would-be perpetrators in their tracks before they break and enter. Even more impressive is the new Guardian Angel™ Drone, designed to hover above your child as he or she walks to school. No would-be kidnapper or ill-intentioned pervert would dare come close when he sees a quadracopter circling above the child’s head with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson on board.”

Asked why he chose the Del Mar fairgrounds as a place for the Drone Show, Hunt replied “I think it’s a terrific venue – people know that it’s the go-to place for fire arms, so adding drones to the mix is a no-brainer. Mr. Hunt did, however, lament the removal of the big red Valitar tent at the fairgrounds, remarking that the height of that structure would have been ideal for indoor aerobatic demonstrations of drone capabilities.

In the announcement Ms. Knight justified the 22nd Ag District’s enthusiasm for the show, saying “in keeping with our agricultural mission, these shows will be a real cash cow for us, and we plan to milk her for all she’s worth.”

Although the first Del Mar Drone show isn’t expected to open for business until April 1, 2014, people are already lining up to get in.



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