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Help Wanted!!!
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


As you know Del Mar encourages widespread citizen participation in its governance and decision making. Previous issues of the Sandpiper document an outstanding record of local residents volunteering and successfully serving on city boards, committees and commissions.

Many residents generously give of their time and resources to contribute to the development and evolution of an environmentally harmonious, distinctive and “outstanding city.”

The commitment to citizen participation and volunteerism continues to this day as elected officials and departmental administrators solicit and recruit volunteers. However, the process has proven more difficult for a variety of reasons- many due to the national economy and an influx of new residents unfamiliar with city issues and volunteerism.

Yet resident involvement remains crucial to informed decision making and the advancement of publically supported policies and programs.

These are some of the major ongoing commissions, boards and committees which rely upon citizen participation and volunteers followed by a list of vacancies that exist for volunteer service. Additional volunteer opportunities are listed on the City’s website:
http://www.delmar.ca.us/Government/Pages/CityAdvisory Committees.aspx


• Design Review Board
• Finance Committee
• Parks and Recreation Committee
• Planning Commission
• San Dieguito Lagoon Preservation Committee
• Sustainability Advisory Board
• Traffic and Parking Committee
• Housing Element Ad Hoc Advisory Committee
• Ad Hoc Fairgrounds Master Plan Advisory Committee
The City invites residents to volunteer for community service and is currently soliciting interested persons to fill the following boards and committees.
PLEASE HELP!!! Obtain a Citizen Interest Form in the City Clerk’s Department and apply for a volunteer position.
• Sustainability Advisory Board
• Design Review Board
• San Dieguito Lagoon Committee
• Traffic Parking Advisory Committee



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