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OPINION: Kilroy's Claim
Diana Scheffler | Boquita Drive



Kilroy Realty bills its proposed project, One Paseo, as a mixed use, pedestrian oriented community, and points out that it is endorsed by LEED and MoveSanDiego. So it must be green, right? (Or to use the more formal term, sustainable.)


Sustainable means a reduction in energy use and a resultant reduction in carbon emissions (or greenhouse gasses).

One Paseo is planned to include many sustainable features, the mixed use and density being basic. But these attractive features will be completely overwhelmed by the 23,000 additional automobile trips generated daily within the Carmel Valley community. Anyone using Del Mar Heights Road will be affected, and many will find alternate routes, spreading the impact to adjacent communities.

Kilroy claims to have resolved all traffic issues with its slight reduction in the size of the project. Their explanation as to how this will be accomplished is unconvincing, however, and they have released no further independent traffic analysis to help us understand.

One Paseo is a mall, the size of Horton Plaza. Of course it is pedestrian oriented – inside its boundaries. Such a mall would make sense in an urban setting linking to an already existing transportation infrastructure. One day, our suburbs may indeed have some form of public transit; a bus line is scheduled for 2035. We can perhaps hasten that day by increasing our density, but an island of density attracting and providing for automobile traffic from afar does nothing to change the inherent dynamics of suburbia.



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