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Dueling Amendments
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Photo Rosanne Holliday

While waiting outside of the January 8th 22nd Agricultural District Board meeting, the Crossroads of the West Gun Show owner Bob Templeton, 74 years-old, without any hesitation encouraged the Stop the Del Mar Gun Show advocates to exert their First Amendment rights in their advocacy to reject his business – a thriving business that resides every weekend in large public venues throughout four western states. Though he was quick to claim entitlement for his customers to their Second Amendment rights to bear arms – he made no mention of their serving in a state-regulated militia. He has been resilient with this kind of confrontation during his 35 years in the business of gun shows. He stood up defiantly to the undercover agents at one of his shows in Phoenix in 2011 a few weeks after the Tucson shooting. The agents sent by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a task force of the Mayor of New York City, informed Mr. Templeton of several blatant illegal transactions.

During the open comment segment of the Jan.8th Fair Board meeting the Board of Directors, many who are practicing attorneys, listened to a handful of advocates for and against gun shows including Mr. Templeton and received from Rosanne Holliday a petition with 750 signatures from Stop the Del Mar Gun Shows – signatures collected in just 36 hours. During a later television interview with Board Chair, Adam Day, Day reaffirmed the Board’s intent to continue their relationship with Crossroads and expressed confidence in the California laws that mandate the conduct and practices of selling firearms at gun shows. He intimated that there was no will on the part of the Board to have any more discussion.

Despite the lack of interest on the part of the Fair Board, the petition campaign of Stop the Del Mar Gun Shows that started from a rain-battered yard sign at the home of Rosanne and Joel Holliday continues to draw coverage by the major local radio and television networks. At the January 14th Del Mar City Council meeting Council Members Haydu and Mosier introduced a Resolution requesting the same action of the Fair Board as initiated by the Stop the Del Mar Gun Shows campaign and additionally requested the removal of the name ‘Del Mar’ from any advertising or promotion that may imply endorsement by the City of Del Mar. It was unanimously approved – a quick accomplishment by a grass roots group using the embraced arms of community values to confront the maddening embracing of arms at the Crossroads.

To join this signature campaign of over 1,200 signers: go to www.change.org. Search for The Board of Directors of the 22nd Agricultural District. The San Diego County Chapter of the Brady Campaign is aligned with this petition campaign.



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