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Seeking Hosts
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


Community Building lobby. Photo Virginia Lawrence


Apple trainer Friedo Friedlander, iPad Lessons. Photo Heather Glenn

Del Mar Community Connections (DMCC) envisions our comfortable new Community Building as a gathering spot where Del Mar residents can drop by to have a cup of coffee, play a board game, read the paper, or work on their laptops – and they’re looking for some special volunteers to make that happen.

To ensure that the building, which they share with the Del Mar Foundation, can remain open and accessible during their office hours, DMCC is looking for residents to act as “Community Building Hosts” who will greet and visit with guests, prepare refreshments, set out board games, restock supplies, and do some light cleanup. Hosts volunteer for a minimum of one and a half hours, once per week, in shifts beginning at 8:30am and ending at 4:00pm. And if things are quiet, they can also help with some of the daily DMCC tasks such as decorating the bulletin board, stuffing envelopes, or stapling newsletters.

DMCC Board Member, Karolen Linderman, after informally filling the “host” role several times, has enjoyed meeting new residents and letting them know about the services that are available. “It’s always fulfilling to assist DMCC in continuing to grow as the wonderful organization it is,” she says.

Houston Burnside, Asian Brush Painting. Photo Heather Glenn

Heather Glenn, DMCC’s Program Director, is still adjusting to the move from their former closet-sized office to what she describes as a “palace,” and wants to share it with the community. “I’m grateful to the Del Mar Foundation for taking the lead and making it such a beautiful destination,” she says, and adds that she finds it “rewarding” that community members are taking advantage of the additional space to offer new activities, including iPad lessons and Asian Brush Painting, and that residents are embracing them.

No specific skills are required for the hosts, but DMCC staff is looking for volunteers who enjoy working with seniors, have a cheerful, helpful demeanor, and can see what needs to be done and take action. If this sounds like you, please contact Heather Glenn at (858) 792-7565 or email her at heather@dmcc.cc



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