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Grannys for Grants
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


One element of our Community Plan addresses housing. This element is required by state law to be updated for the period 2013-2020. Del Mar’s “fair share” of “affordable” housing has been determined to be 12 new units. The “low income” ranges go as high as $69,400 for a five person household. So “affordability” could mean units suitable for teachers, public employees, local business employees, seniors, students, and even relatives.

Failure to achieve this and other goals results in “penalties” that significantly reduce Del Mar’s prospects for gaining grant monies and regional allocation of funds.

The City Council is now reviewing drafts of this housing element drawn up by staff with advice from a citizen ad hoc advisory committee. Proposed programs include the following:

  • rezoning the commercial districts to permit mixed use development (small housing units attached to commercial entitities)
  • permitting granny flat units to be added to houses under 2500 square feet with additional floor area allowances up to 550 square feet.
  • establishing a one year amnesty period for illegal units to be permitted, with a requirement that they be rented as affordable units
  • initiating a pilot program to convert one apartment house to condos if a percentage of the units(one third) are placed under city control as affordable rentals
  • doubling the number of rental subsidies to cover a total of 16 families
  • negotiating with the Fair Board to construct qualified units on that property
    The Council will be asking for public input in time for the plan update to be submitted for State review in January 2013.



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