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The Votes Are In
Dave Druker | 10th Street


With only 90,000 votes left to count in the County as a whole and about 200 votes in Del Mar, most of the elections in San Diego County have been decided.

In the City of Del Mar: Prop J – The Village Specific Plan lost with 58% voting No and 42% voting Yes. While all of the council candidates were elected (only three ran with three openings), Sherryl Parks came out on top followed closely by Al Corti and Don Mosier. The interesting fact is that none garnered more than 50% of the vote. In prior elections with three candidates, normally the top two candidates get at between 51% and 60% of the vote. Prop H – Medical Marijuana Dispensary initiative lost by 57% to 43%. Similar initiatives in Solana Beach, Lemon Grove and Imperial Beach lost by even larger margins.

In Solana Beach: The council slate of Heebner, Zahn and Zito won against Driver, Powell and former Del Marian Paul Frankel.

In Encinitas: Jerome Stocks seeking a fourth term lost. So there is no longer a Stocks and Bond on the council as James Bond retired.

In San Diego: Tom Shepard was able to propel Bob Filner into the Mayor’s seat, although he was assisted by the registration numbers favoring Democrats versus Republicans. Bob Filner has served in Congress for 20 years and prior to that was on the San Diego City Council for two terms and the San Diego School Board for two terms.

Sherry Lightner easily retained her City Council seat from District 1 the district for La Jolla and Carmel Valley.

In the San Dieguito School district the incumbents Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer easily won reelection over Del Marian Steve McDowell and former newscaster Graham Ledger.

For State Senate – Marty Block easily beat George Pleascia and for Assembly Toni Atkins easily beat Ralph Denney.

In our Congressional District: the 49th, Darrell Issa handily beat Jerry Tetalman.

Countywide: Barack Obama won 52% of the vote versus Mitt Romney’s 46% with minor candidates winning the other 2%. Two of the statewide propositions had the opposite results countywide versus statewide. Prop 30 – State taxes for Fund Education, won in the state and lost in the county, Prop 32 – State Political Contribution, lost in the state and won in the county.

On Thursday, November 14, Steve Danon conceded the race for the third supervisorial district (Pam Slater-Price’s replacement) to Dave Roberts. As this article is written Dave leads Steve by 3,692 votes.

In the 52nd Congressional District (the district just south and east of Del Mar), Brian Bilbray conceded to Scott Peters on Friday, November 16. As this article is written Scott leads Brian by 5,132 votes as compared to about 1,200 on election night.

In the next issue, I will report the precinct results for elections in Del Mar, how Del Mar voted versus the county as a whole and historical perspective on voting trends in San Diego County.



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