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Even though the volunteers create the content, there are expenses for printing and mailing the Sandpiper to all Del Mar households. These expenses amount to about $25,000 per year. Instead of subscriptions, the Sandpiper relies on donations to cover these expenses.

We employ a long range strategy for sustaining the paper’s financial underpinning, with supporters joining one of our categories of support for three years at a time. Their generosity provides more than half of our annual expenses.

We invite you to join in this effort before the end of the year by becoming a financial supporter of the Sandpiper. Please join and add your name to the Chuck Newton or Publisher’s Circle or join one of the other circles listed below.

  • Chuck Newton Circle $2500 per year for three years
  • Publisher’s Circle $1000 per year for three years
  • Editor’s Circle $500-999 for one year
  • Writer’s Circle $100- 499 for one year

Please address your donation (not tax-deductible) to Sandpiper, Box 2177, Del Mar,Ca 92014



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