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Ranger Adam Chase. Photo Lifeguard Johnny Seiber


I recently met the Del Mar Park Ranger, Adam Chase. His title immediately recalled childhood memories of a similar famous individual—the Lone Ranger.

Adam is somewhat a “lone ranger” as the only sworn peace officer in the Park Ranger Division. As a law enforcement and emergency response officer he is dedicated and committed to the safety and wellbeing of the Del Mar Community and engaged in an immense number of activities.

He serves as a member of the lifeguard specialized rescue team and responds to critical situations including boat, scuba or swimming mishaps, as well as injuries sustained climbing surrounding cliffs. He also provides information on public safety, reports on illegal activities, issues warning and writes citations when necessary.
He attributes his work as a lifeguard and park ranger to his obsession with the ocean and a range of sports. “As a 15 year old I prepared myself to be a Triathlon athlete; I primed myself with a regimen of swimming, bicycle racing and other sports and participated in numerous races including those held in Hawaii. My development as an athlete gave me the drive to overcome hardships and pursue work which was challenging. I couldn’t see myself working behind a desk. Likewise, I never thought of becoming a police officer.” However, he did become a police officer in 1999 through the Palomar Police Academy.

The terrorist attack of 9-11 enlightened governmental jurisdictions to the necessity of playing a more activist role in security operations. In 2003 Adam was retained by the City of Del Mar as a fully sworn peace officer primarily enforcing laws related to Del Mar beaches and parks. There was a growing concern that rowdy parties on Del Mar beaches were increasing and getting “out of hand.” As he notes, “You can have all sorts of laws but a system of enforcement is required if they are to be implemented.”

As for the future, Adam is currently attending the Hershey School of Medicine at Penn State and is enrolled in its unique off- campus degree program centered upon home land security and a determination of coping activities for communities confronted with a terrorist attack.

Adam Chase’s experiences substantiate that the Park Ranger Division is increasingly critical. The current and mounting list of duties and responsibilities assigned to the Division and to the Park Ranger suggest the need for additional trained personnel. Consideration might be given to the acceptance of unpaid or low paid volunteers who are willing to obtain training, be certified as reserve officers. and assist and be supervised by the park ranger. This might be the first step in ensuring trained personnel for future assignments dictated by changing international circumstances.


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