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Dorothy Newton 1921-2012
Rosanne & Joel Holliday | Crest Road


Dorothy and Chuck Newton. Courtesy Joel Holliday


Our beloved friend and neighbor Dorothy Newton passed away peacefully on September 30, 2012, at her assisted living residence in Solana Beach. She was recovering from a hospitalization for pneumonia. Dorothy was 91 one years old and survived by exactly two years, the death of her husband of 67 years, Charles (“Chuck”) Newton.

Dorothy and Chuck moved to Del Mar from La Jolla in the early 1970’s and were active participants in the civic and cultural affairs in our community.

Dorothy had many close friends who cherish their times with her and remember her with fondness and admiration. Our personal remembrances include Dorothy’s wisdom, poise, quiet strength, equanimity, and humor, whether the setting was a warm conversation with friends, a contentious political engagement, or an animated discussion involving the love of her life and his intensely-held opinions.
We also remember her strength and stoicism in dealing with her loss of Charles and moving out of her Forest Way home of almost 40 years as she needed more assistance. Her circle of friends, her avid love of reading, her faith, her positive outlook and her abiding interest in the world around her helped her deal with her grief.



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