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Partnership Potential
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


The Fair Board has made a dramatic proposal to the Board of Supervisors “for some form of partnership for the operational oversight of the San Diego County Fairgrounds. This association would bring enhanced local control to the Fairgrounds while serving to protect the interests of all the communities of San Diego County.”

In an October 12 letter to Chairman Roberts, Board President Adam Day says they have “had preliminary discussions with the Governor’s Office and it is our joint desire to see a partnershp” between the Fair Board and the County, “the ideal model for leadership.” Day further states this would “not create any financial or legal burden for the County...but rather serve to provide local control and leadership for this valuable community asset.” Day says this idea comes from discussions about models “that would lead to enhance local governance” of all 54 fairgrounds in the state.

The letter was forwarded to the Sandpiper directly from Adam Day and calls for discussions to be opened with the County to flesh out how such a partnership would operate.



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