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Candidates Weigh Paseo
Bob Fuchs | Newcrest Point, Carmel Valley


Everyone who lives near or regularly uses Del Mar Heights Rd.--a road that will be rendered dysfunctional by the traffic from the huge proposed One Paseo project--should realize that the upcoming San Diego City Council decision regarding this project will likely have more direct impact on their lives than any other issue facing the Council. It will also test whether significant changes to a community plan affecting future livability can be determined by the residents and property owners acting through their elected community planning boards or by developer interests exerting undue influence at the City Council and City staff levels.

The WhatPriceMainStreet coalition sought out the candidates for the District 1 Council seat (Sherri Lightner and Ray Ellis) to get insight into the principles they would follow to make their decision on changing the City’s General Plan, the Community Plan, etc. required for a new development. Their responses each reflect an increased awareness and support of meaningful community involvement—with some subtle differences. Go to


to see their responses to the questions. I ask that all San Diego voters in District 1 vote for the candidate you judge most dedicated and able to represent the community in community plan changes.

In the meantime, I’d like to commend the WhatPriceMainStreet coalition volunteers for all they have done in terms of :

  • dentifying the numerous serious defects of the project with comments to the DEIR,
  • informing Carmel Valley and nearby community residents of the key issues and misrepresentations of the developer, and
  • most importantly, communicating strong feelings of disapproval and outrage to sitting City officials and aspiring candidates, while
  • communicating a willingness to be open to changes to the community plan that are consistent with our existing community environment and do not suffocate us with traffic.

Undoubtedly the nearly 1,600 physically signed petitions, 1,119 online petitions, more than 500 response cards mailed in from the most recent WhatPriceMainStreet mailer, and the many hundreds of emails sent to City officials and our local community planning boards contributed to the increased awareness of the District 1 candidates. When the time is right, this effort will have to be redoubled to impress upon City Council and the Planning Commission how egregiously the planning process has been hijacked by the developer.

I am also attaching a link to a comment piece from Dave Roberts, a candidate for our County Supervisor district here. I wish all candidates could be so eloquent in articulating their understanding of the depth of this problem and their philosophical views about how local government should deal with this kind of problem.



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