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Al Corti | Jimmy Durante Boulevard

The stated purpose of the “meet the candidate” events was to introduce to the community each of the 3 candidates running for City Council. In light of the fact that there would not be an active campaign whereby the electorate would gain much needed insight to who their elected representatives would be, it was a great opportunity for each of us to communicate who we are by giving an overview of our personal background, our prior community involvement, why we want to serve and to articulate our vision and priorities.

I applauded the idea and thought it would be a good venue to introduce myself to a wider spectrum of the community and to immediately work alongside with my fellow council members elect. I also thought it would be a great forum to hear directly from the community what their vision, priorities and concerns are and what they expected from their City leaders. In this regard, the events have been extremely beneficial to me personally and to the community at large.

-While I knew the community was actively engaged in all things Del Mar and informed on issues, it was reinforced in each of the meetings. All attendees listened to the candidates attentively, asked meaningful questions and came open minded to better understand the issues before us. As a result, I have a better understanding of both or many sides to the issues before us.

-Prop J , by far is the most talked about issue. Density, view obstruction, property values, traffic and parking are at the top of the list of questions and concerns. The meet the candidate events have provided a venue for the community to have public and civil discourse and to enable them to make a more informed decision on this issue and others. To me, this is the Del Mar Way. I am privileged to be in the midst of this important issue for Del Mar regardless of the outcome of Prop J and I have a more balanced perspective as a result.

-These events have been more than a learning experience for me. They have accelerated my training period as I leave the arena of being a concerned citizen of one with certain views of Del Mar issues to that of being an elected official with an obligation to represent all of the concerned citizens of Del Mar. I am better for it and look forward to apply what I have heard and learned in my years of service to the electorate of Del Mar.



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