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Don Mosier | Rimini Road


The three candidates for City Council, Al Corti, Sherryl Parks and I, agreed to hold joint meetings with local residents to discuss the issues facing Del Mar and introduce the new candidates. We have had three such meetings to date, and two more are planned for the coming week. Thanks to Wayne Dernetz for organizing the meetings, and to the gracious hosts who invited the candidates and neighbors to their houses. We have had robust question and answer sessions that gave each candidate a chance to weigh in on the issues.
Here are my impressions from these meetings.

First, we have an engaged and well-informed citizenry who care deeply about Del Mar. They may not agree on every issue, but they live in Del Mar because it is the best place they can imagine.

Second, discussions have been lively and questions about Prop. J have been the hottest topic.

Third, questions about Prop. H, the marijuana dispensary ballot measure, have been infrequent. I don’t know whether the debate over Prop. J has distracted attention from the important implications of passing Prop. H, or if most people have already made up their minds, but I am concerned that voters may not be paying attention.

Finally, we have three knowledgeable candidates who will be elected in November, and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know the two future councilmembers better before they assume office in December.


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