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Count Down to Election Day
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive


The ‘hot topic’ around town is Prop J. Everyone wants answers before they vote, particularly about costs, roundabouts and spillover traffic into neighboring streets. The questions are well informed at this stage of the race. There is certainly a lot of passion on both sides of the campaign. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the vote.

Moving Past Nov 6
Many in the community are asking different questions about the future of Del Mar. Here are some key topics:

  • How can we get our streets paved?
  • What about the long-term view of our budget. Will there be enough revenues to support our City’s obligations?
  • Developing City Hall property to get a parking structure and improve working conditions for employees - when will that start?
  • Master Planning for the beautiful Shores Property, when will that begin?
  • Watchdog reports on the Fairgrounds. Since the Fairgrounds are within Del Mar City limits and it is public property, how will the Council be keeping an eye on our neighbors?

It is important to trust that Del Mar will be just fine after the Prop J vote. We will then know the direction the community wants to take with the revitalization plan. We will bounce into the New Year with a ‘to-do list’ that is long yet we will be up to the task for Del Mar.


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