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Del Mar citizens can proudly boast that we take our democratic participation more seriously than most. We consistently rack up voter turnout at the highest level regionally and statewide. Given the high level of education and accomplishment in our town this is not surprising. And we welcome the often-heard snarks that Delmarians find more issues to wrangle over than most communities. We feel a strong sense of ownership of our community so we are not bashful about participating and voting.
Prop J is exhibit A for this thesis. There is no way to have lived in this town for the last several weeks without hearing a variety of strongly held opinions about the pros and cons of Prop J’s Village Specific Plan. The Sandpiper has tried to do its part by giving voice to strong voices on both sides in the past few issues.

We will not be printing any more pieces on J in this issue but invite you to read numerous letters that have been submitted on our website, delmarsandpiper.org. While there you might consider signing up for our occasional EBlasts to send readers timely news about Del Mar.
Hopefully, you all will pay attention to the other ballot decisions that affect our community. We published two pieces on Prop H in last month’s issue which may help you make a decision.

We trust that you will look carefully at Propositions AA, CC, and EE. Voting in favor will enable us to continue our fine record of academic excellence in our high schools, elementary schools, and Mira Costa Community College.

We hope you will pay attention to both State propositions 30 and 38 which provide vital support to California schools.

Please be wary of another key state proposition, number 32 which will cause a serious imbalance in campaign contributions in favor of special interests.

Another important ballot decision concerns a Tea Party attempt to politicize classroom decisions in the high schools of the San Dieguito District. Incumbents Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer deserve our support for their leadership in achieving an extraordinary record of student accomplishment.

Finally, we ask you to pay close attention to the County Supervisor race between Dave Roberts and Steve Danon. Del Mar voters favored Roberts in the primary even when there was a Del Mar candidate. Danon’s career has been attached to the extreme right positions of our former Congressman Brian Bilbray. Roberts has been a bipartisan leader in Solana Beach and regional issues.

Whatever you decide, please do your part to keep Del Mar among the leaders in voter turnout.



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