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Ain’t She Sweet!
Shirley King | Avenida Primavera


Laura Reyer. Photo Shirley King

“Everybody wants a box of chocolates … everybody knows that” so professes Leonard Cohen, truthsayer and singer/songwriter. And now that box of chocolates is waiting to be hand-selected at the Del Mar Chocolate Bar, 1416 Camino del Mar. As of July, storeowner Laura Reyer expanded her retail confectionary business from her five-year old Carlsbad Village store that has defied the downward pull of the continuing recession. Not a surprise that sweet delectables such as milk or dark chocolate hazelnut truffles, chocolate-covered Oreos, rocky road fudge, peanut butter cups, sea salt caramels, turtles with almonds, pecans and cashews, and holiday specials like chocolate-covered cranberries, gingerbread malt balls and peppermint bark can be the cure for austerity.

Stepping into the Del Mar Chocolate Bar is a quick transference to a much happier sense of being where nostalgia abounds on every shelf particularly the old-fashioned candy sticks in production for over one hundred years. Unlike the chain confectioners, each chocolate treat is individually wrapped and priced to appeal to your momentary craving and with respect to your budget. Gift boxes and baskets of varying sizes are filled to order whether over the phone or at the counter with exactly what you want and are beautifully wrapped. To add even more temptation, specialty retail wines such as Chocolate Amore are available to take home to drizzle over vanilla ice cream or as a stand-alone dessert. At last Del Mar residents have a short reach to chocolate heaven.

Laura Reyer has brought her commitment as an independent specialty retail shop owner to Del Mar to offer our residents products from the finest chocolatiers, and many are hand-crafted at the Carlsbad site. She has reproduced in her Del Mar store her vision of a quaint beachside sweet shop that extends the shopping options for those longing for a chocolate fix, a dessert after dinner or a remarkably satisfying gift. She has generous store hours with Friday and Saturday hours until 9 pm and is open seven days a week. Laura has ambitions to increase the scale of her store to mirror the Carlsbad offerings of locally baked pastries and custom roasted espresso coffee drinks. Let’s help Laura to build her business by unleashing your sweet tooth. At the Del Mar Chocolate Bar life is a box of chocolates, but you will know what you are going to get.

Del Mar Chocolate Bar 858-793-1700 or www.carlsbadchocolatebar.com



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