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Shot Shindig
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio


Chuck Newton getting his DMCC flu shot in 2001. 
Courtesy Bud Emerson.


The DMCC's Flu Shot program was initiated in 2001 when Shirley King contacted the director of the County's Immunization program. At that time the County allocated free flu and pneumonia vaccine for non-profits and other community service programs. Larry Schneiderman agreed to be the required supervising doctor. Shirley would pick up the vaccine from the Health Services facility on Rosecrans and store it in her fridge until the big day.  Volunteer nurses from the nursing home that now is the rehab facility on El Camino Real and Via de la Valle administered the vaccine.  At the end of the day any vaccine vials remaining would be rushed over to St. Leo's for their free medical clinic.

The early years were undoubtedly the most fun since there was next to no paperwork.  "We served upwards to 400 each year mostly because we had the vaccine early and we marketed it heavily," reports Shirley. 

Since the free vaccine program was defunded in 2004, the DMCC has enlisted a health care delivery company to come with their vaccine and nurses.  They receive the Medicare reimbursement. 

Today, although many choose to have their flu shots at the drugstore, or large stores such as Costco or Target, Delmarians continue to flock to the DMCC clinic.  "What has seemed to attract our residents," explains Shirley, " has been the certainty of getting their shots, particularly during those times of spotty vaccine production, and the opportunity to meet others and have coffee and pastries."

    Note: This year's shot shindig took place on October 3.



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