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Dee Rich | Long Boat Way


Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer, the two incumbent Board Members, deserve our support in the election for the two seats on the San Dieguito Union High School District Board. San Dieguito educates Del Mar students in grades 7-12 at nationally acclaimed schools. Over 95% of San Dieguito High School District’s graduates go on to college, including the best colleges and universities in the USA. Real estate companies, with good reason, tout our excellent public education system as a selling point for local homes.

The two incumbents have consistently shown a commitment to quality despite years of severe reductions in revenue. They have prudently managed district budgets to maintain higher than required reserves, while keeping a challenging curriculum that supports student achievement. They have a record of hiring only the finest. They prepare carefully to be ready to address any issue that comes before the board, and will readily attest to the fact that learning is a life-long process. They do not fear innovation. They are both dedicated public servants, with a record of giving generously of their time and effort to keeping the district focused and on track.

In 29 years as a board member, I have affirmed my belief that partisan politics have no place in education. My years of serving with Dalessandro and Hergesheimer confirm that they share that belief. The focus and priority of a school board member must be the students. If party political ideologies about taxes and finance are your priority, then you should run for a more appropriate office.

I ask you to remember that focus in November, and cast your vote for the two candidates who put the students first. Beware of candidates who presume to tell education professionals how to do their jobs, who challenge academic freedom, who manufacture issues where there are none, who are greedy for power, who profess to know all the answers, and who seem to be reading from a script. A good board member knows that good schools are not an accident. They are an alliance between the professionals, the families, and the community, all working hard, and with an open mind, to provide the best education possible for the students under their care.

Support Dalessandro and Hergesheimer, and keep politics out of our classrooms.

Dee Rich served on the Del Mar School Board from 1981-1986, and on the San Dieguito Union High School District Board from 1986-2010.



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