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AA Schools for Del Mar
Mary Farrell | Durango Drive


FDR was president in 1936 when San Dieguito High School opened. Nixon was president when Torrey Pines High School was completed in 1974. Everybody has a story about Earl Warren Junior High, built in 1954, and it doesn’t include wireless Internet access with appropriate infrastructure, sustainable green technology, up-to-date science facilities. It almost certainly includes leaky roofs, hazardous materials, overcrowded classrooms, inadequate facilities, and “temporary” trailers that have taken root. There are legitimate safety and health issues on district campuses that must be addressed.

It’s no secret that the California economy has been in trouble for some time. Schools have waited for the man on the white horse to ride out from the sunrise to rescue the institutions and people who have suffered most from state neglect: our schools, our classrooms and our children. The San Dieguito District, serving students and families from Del Mar to Carlsbad, with nine schools recognized nationally as the cream of the crop, is taking steps to remedy this state failure. For decades, the district has stretched every dollar, doing more and more with less and less. Now it is asking the community to alleviate the burden of obsolete infrastructure. The money is not available from the state, nor is it likely to be.

After 4 years of intensive study and searching examination, involving scores of community members and financial and facility experts, the district is taking steps to improve the environment in which our students attend middle and high school.
On your ballot in November you will be asked to vote to approve Proposition AA, authorizing a $449 million bond issue, costing the average homeowner $150 a year. In brief, it will construct, upgrade, update, fix, retrofit, and repair. It will bring the tired old facilities into the 21st century, providing for the excellence the community expects, while ensuring the safety and health of our students. It will protect our property values and offset the negative effects of state budget cuts, now and in the future.

You will find substantive, clearly enunciated details of the plans at www.sandieguito2012schoolsbond.org/


• Bond money cannot be diverted to the State for any purpose.

• Bond money cannot be spent on district administration or operations.

• Annual, independent audits and citizens’ oversight will ensure funds are spent as promised.

Proposition AA is an investment in our kids; it’s an investment in our community. It’s a measure of who we are.



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