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Fair settlement Finally?
Bud Emerson | Klish Way


• Maybe settlement of Master Plan lawsuit filed by Del Mar and Solana Beach? Council has been meeting in closed session on the subject.

• Tentative ruling by court on Sierra Club suit on Master Plan and EIR indicates favorable outcomes for both sides. However Dwight Worden says “the ruling is not the good news the 22nd DAA was hoping for...they won on the wetlands but they lost on traffic baseline, traffic, and greenhouse gases. The Fair Board will have to re-open the Master Plan and EIR, make revisions, and re-approve with a new Board... So, there is at least the possibility that things will improve.”

Also the Coastal Commission(CC) still has authority to require a “real” wetlands delineation, prior to the illegal grading and filling. The CC was not a party to this case so it is not binding on them. Under the previous “Cease and Desist” orders, the Fair Board is required to meet CC standards.

• No news about appointments by Governor. One Solana Beach nominee has been interviewed three times. Contacts with local residents suggest they want to appoint a Delmarian. Board has two holdover appointees and struggles to make a quorum.



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