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Del Mar Community Connections, in their ongoing mission to help residents live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible, has introduced the Neighborhood Emergency Support Team (NEST) program.
An extension of the “Are You Ready, Del Mar?” disaster preparedness program, led by DMCC board member Carol Kerridge, NEST is designed to find volunteers (one primary, and one backup) who are available to help a mobility-impaired neighbor in the event of a disaster. In this “buddy system,” the supporting volunteers agree to help their neighbor prepare for disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, floods, blackouts, and hazardous materials/terrorist attacks, help them make decisions should a disaster occur and help them with their pre-arranged evacuation plan if needed. They will also contact the participant’s emergency contact in the event of a disaster.

NEST volunteers are asked to make sure their neighbor has the basic knowledge of tasks and supplies for disaster preparedness, including:

• Smoke and CO2 alarms on each floor of their home, with working batteries.

• Two flashlights with extra batteries.

• A 3-5 day supply of water (1 gal. for each person in the home for 3-5 days).

• A 3-5 day supply of non-perishable foods.

• An evacuation list, including medications, papers, and family treasures such as photographs.

• Medical information, including health directives, “Do Not Resuscitate” orders, emergency contacts, doctor and dentist contact information.

• Knowledge of where their utilities are and what to do in emergencies.

• Registration for Reverse 911 emergency calls and for the City of Del Mar website emergency bulletins.

• A plan for pets.

The NEST program officially kicked off last Spring and has signed up 13 participants before receiving publicity. With a $6,000 “Neighborhood Reinvestment “ grant from County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price’s office, the program is in the process of developing educational materials, including a series of disaster preparedness videos produced by Del Mar TV.

If you have mobility issues, or know of a person who could benefit from the NEST program, please contact Heather Glenn at 858-792-7565 or email her at dmcc@dmcc.cc.



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