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Linda Strause | Coast Boulevard


Contributed by Linda Strause


Randy's Story

In April of 2008 I awoke thinking about the dinner party my husband and I were planning. Plans changed when Randy, 58, remarked that he “just didn’t feel right.” Within one week we received his diagnosis; incurable brain cancer. Randy and I, along with our two sons Tyler and Brendon, embarked on a new reality, a journey with no maps and only one end.

Over the next two years, Randy’s treatment included surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, a health food store’s worth of supplements, and countless doctor visits. Each treatment had a different side effect and each scan led to an unbearable “scan-xiety” waiting for the results. With the hope of managing his side effects of anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and pain, we considered the use of medical cannabis and obtained our California medical marijuana ‘cards’ as patients and caregivers.

Randy’s first night of using medical cannabis resulted in the most restful night of sleep he’d had in months. His pain and anxiety decreased, providing a significant improvement in his quality of life, and mine! Randy was able to work, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Eventually Randy developed right side paralysis as a result of tumor growth and walking became difficult. Within 30 minutes of administering cannabis orally his stiffness, pain, atrophy and anxiety subsided. We knew medical cannabis was working for Randy; the unused bag of pharmaceuticals in our cabinet was proof of that.

The passing of Proposition H would grant safe access to medical cannabis for qualified patients like my husband, in our home town. Safe because dispensing facilities would be required to use alarm systems, security camera and guards, bolted safes, and proper lighting, while requiring valid documentation from only qualified patients to even enter the premise. This is more than what is needed to pick up your prescription - and prescription drugs are abused by people every day! The potential for abuse is an unfortunate reality of any drug and should not get in the way of legitimate, responsible use of any medication, including medical marijuana. Voting yes on Proposition H removes barriers to safe access for qualified Del Mar residents.

With the support and love of family, our Del Mar neighbors, and the Del Mar Lifeguards, we navigated this difficult journey. On April 16th, 2010 Randy died peacefully, thanks largely to medical cannabis, at home surrounded by loved ones. A tribute to his life was held at the Powerhouse along with a paddle-out supported by the lifeguards. A plank is found on the walkway of the new Tower.
I will be voting yes on Proposition H in memory of my husband Randy Strause, and I urge you to as well.


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