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Sandpiper editorial challenge

Your September editorial states that if the VSP is adopted “the new zoning codes will be adopted immediately. Changes to the VSP will not be possible without a public vote.”

The editorial continues. “If the voters do not approve the VSP, the existing zoning codes and regulations will remain in place. In that case, changes can be made by the Council just as they always have had the power to do.”
The quotes above from your editorial give the impression that if the VSP were adopted the council could not change zoning codes. It tells your readers that if the VSP were approved zoning within the boundary would remain as it is in the VSP document. This is not the case. Even with a voter approved VSP the council still retains the power to continue to make significant changes just as they always have despite the fact that the public will be voting on a specific plan.

For example it only requires 4 votes of the council to place an additional property within the boundaries of the VSP or to remove a property from the boundaries of the VSP even though the boundaries were voted on by the public.

Chapter XII (12.2.1 )Two Tier Amendments #5
Furthermore and even more astounding it takes only three votes, a simple majority, to remove a public facility overlay from a property. That means that with 3 council votes the City Hall site can become mixed use allowing 100% FAR up to 150% FAR. Since the city hall site is 68,000 square feet it will be allowed to build 68,000 square feet of development up to a potential of 102,000 square feet on that site. This is bigger than the Plaza. All this with a vote of three council members. Additionally, the buildings on the site can be 26 feet in height from Camino Del Mar.

Chapter XII (12.2.1) Three Tier Amendments #4
I think this is important information that the voters need to know. It’s all there somewhere within the 459 page document the voters will vote on.



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