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Political Scuttlebutt
Dave Druker | 10th Street


Because there is no election in Del Mar for City Council, the only candidate election that has any direct affect on Del Mar is the District three supervisorial race between Steve Danon and Dave Roberts.

Polls – a few weeks ago I received a call that turned out to be a push poll for Steve Danon. It is always interesting to see what questions are asked to make one like a candidate. The questions painted Steve as one that will ensure no taxes are raised and will get rid of corruption in government, while Dave Roberts is willing to increase taxes at the drop of a hat and is supported by liberals. Poll results have not been published. On the other hand, Dave Roberts has also been out polling and finds that his name recognition is far better than Steve Danon’s. Del Mar voters supported Roberts in the primary and he continues to have widespread support among Del Mar voters.

There are two propositions on the ballot in Del Mar. Prop J, the Village Specific Plan, will have the most visibility. Much of the back and forth is on Facebook as both have fan pages. Of course this leaves out those people that do not have a Facebook presence. Both opponents and supporters have sent out at least one mailing to all of the registered voters as of September 20. The opponents have also enlisted Jack Gosney, former Del Mar Fire Operations Chief, to weigh in on Prop J. The proponents had a large kickoff at the L’Auberge and have held various get-togethers in town for fund-raising.

The other proposition to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Del Mar is quite quiet so far. I assume that people for and against will be relying on the ballot pamphlet arguments.

The Del Mar Union School District will not have an election as there are two open seats and the third candidate has withdrawn.

There is a horse race in the San Dieguito Union High School District as incumbents Joyce Dalessandro and Beth Hergesheimer face Graham Ledge and Steve McDowell. Graham is a former newscaster in San Diego and is rumored to be affiliated with the Tea Party. Steve McDowell is a resident of Del Mar and previously sat on the Del Mar Union School District.

The race for the 52nd Congressional District is beginning to heat up with Brian Bilbray pinning the pension fiasco on Scott Peters and Scott Peters pinning cuts to Social Security and Medicare on Brian Bilbray. Nathan Fletcher, the darling of the Republican Party until he turned independent, has endorsed Scott.



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