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Leila Zein-Phillipson | Torrey Pines High School Junior


Photo Leila Zein-Phillipson

“I have lived in Del Mar my whole life, this is my home” said Alessandro (15). Alessandro and his local teenage friends are aware of a swarm of new faces that come to Del Mar each year from other California locations, out of state, and from foreign countries.

The warm weather, with a light sea breeze, and ocean water at 70 degrees are just some of the many factors visitors consider when choosing Del Mar as their summer vacation destination.

“It’s nice to get away from the humidity in Chicago and come to Del Mar where the weather is perfect and I can surf” said Lily (13) who has been visiting Del Mar every summer since she was six months old.

For over 50 years Del Mar has been, and continues to be, a premier southern California destination. In 1910 Del Mar’s first hotel, the Stratford Inn opened, showing the way for the many hotels available today. L’ Auberge, Hotel Indigo, and the Del Mar Motel, among many others, now host a wide range of visitors from Hollywood stars to less well-known visitors looking for their version of a perfect vacation.

One of Del Mar’s summer attractions is the Del Mar Races. For Cassidy (16) and Emily (15) Del Mar and the races have been a part of their summer since they were young. “My grandparents own horses that race so every year we come down to Del Mar from Huntington Beach” said Cassidy.

Teens, like June Pyo (14), travel with their families from all around the United States and from foreign countries for an opportunity to experience all that Del Mar has to offer. June and his family traveled from Korea to practice English and to learn about southern California beach culture, according to Shea McNanie, June’s surf instructor.

Being a teen local myself I have had encounters with visitors this summer. There is a trail leading to the beach on the bluffs near 12th street which mainly locals know about. When I was there a few a weeks ago I came across two teen boys from Nevada who were trying to discover 'locals only' spots in Del Mar and learn about the beach culture.

Teenagers from around the world have been attracted to southern California beach culture; a lifestyle based on surfing, a sport originating with the Polynesians, and featuring a laid back attitude, unpretentious clothing fashions, and a unique language and genre of music.

Emma (14) from Los Angeles drove to Del Mar and is residing at the L’Auberge for a family vacation. “It’s my first time in Del Mar, and I just arrived but I’m looking forward to spending time here.”

With miles of sandy beach, a classic surf break, many oceanfront restaurants, and seasonal attractions such as the San Diego County Fair and the Del Mar Racetrack, Del Mar is known as the place “where the turf meets the surf.”SWSW There is something for all teen tastes in Del Mar.



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