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One Huge Paseo
Bob Fuchs | Newcrest Point, Carmel Valley


For 3 years Kilroy Realty Corp has carried out an intensive public relations campaign promoting the large One Paseo mixed-use project proposed for the vacant land at the southwest quadrant of El Camino Real and Del Mar Heights Rd. in Carmel Valley. Specific factual information relating to the negative impacts of traffic and building scale were conspicuously absent from this campaign, with the developer deflecting numerous requests for such information by saying that no such information could be released until the Draft Environmental Impact Report was issued.

The DEIR was released by the City of San Diego’s Development Services on March 29, 2012 in a document with appendices estimated to be more than 4,500 pages. That began a 60-day public comment period which expired on May 29, 2012. There were voluminous comments presented to the City from such sources as 4 local community planning boards, the cities of Del Mar and Solana Beach, various law firms representing private or general environmental constituencies, numerous local residents, etc.

These numerous comments have been catalogued by DSD which has now started working on responses to the comments, which when completed will comprise the Final Environmental Impact Report. According to the EIR manager at DSD, this process is estimated to take a minimum of 1 to as many as 3 months to complete (i.e., September 2012 to November 2012) due to the substantially controversial nature of this project.

The FEIR will be directed toward to the City of San Diego Planning Commission for review and recommendations. The earliest a public hearing can be scheduled is 14 days from the date that the FEIR is released, and its recommendations, if any, must be made within 60 days from that release date (i.e., mid-September 2012 to mid-January 2013).

At the same time, the various community planning boards and other concerned parties will be reviewing the FEIR in order to be able make recommendations and/or additional comments to the FEIR at the Planning Commission hearing.
The FEIR and the Planning Commission recommendations will be forwarded to the San Diego City Council for a final, non-appealable decision at a public hearing. It is unclear what the minimum notice time is for such a hearing, but presumably it could be as short as 1-2 weeks (i.e., late September 2012 to late January 2013, or possibly later).

Concerned citizens should remain vigilant for the FEIR release and be ready to gain understanding of the FEIR conclusions as soon as they become available. There will undoubtedly be various methods of expressing opinions of the proposed project to the appropriate public officials.



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