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Caltrans Confidential
Ann Gardner | Via Latina


The Torrey Pines Community Planning Group, chaired by Dennis Ridz and representing Del Mar Heights and Del Mar Terrace, is calling for a revision and reissue of the I-5/SR-56 Interchange Project’s Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The final paragraphs of their 50-page response read:
“It is our belief that for the City of San Diego to remain a world-class city, we all need to learn that it takes more than cars to effectively take advantage of what the city offers its residents throughout our metropolitan region and county. San Diego will not remain world class if Caltrans and SANDAG fail to provide preferential funding for mass transit over supporting roadway projects that encourage single ridership.

“The TPCPB is optimistic that even a cursory review by Caltrans of the countless concerns raised by the TPCPB and other regional agencies will prompt a halt to this DEIR. Caltrans should consider revising its DEIR and re-issue this document only after the FEIR is issued on the I-5 NCC. Caltrans has not provided sufficient information to allow meaningful evaluation and analysis by the public which is a requirement under CEQA.”

Sherri Lightner, San Diego City Councilmember writes:

“Caltrans is moving forward with plans for the I-5/SR 56 Interchange presenting five alternative configurations. I have listened closely to my constituents in Del Mar Heights and Del mar Terrace, Carmel Valley, Torrrey Hills and Del Mar Mesa to craft my concerns about this project in my letter to Caltrans (see Sandpiper website).
“I will continue to oppose the Direct Connectors Alternative #2, a 60-f00t high freeway ramp from southbound I-5 to eastbound SR-56 that would be located in the backyard of the Del Mar Heights and Del Mar Terrace communities and the nearby State Park.”



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