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VSP: Facts & Opinions
Voters will decide on November 6 if the Village Specific Plan(VSP)
is adopted. On these pages we have invited a variety of points of view
to help clarify voter choices.

Survey Split | VSP Evolution | It Will Work | It Won’t Work

Need To Know | Parking Perplexes


Survey Split
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

A citizen opinion survey on the VSP was conducted by a professional polling company during July 2012. The results reported to the City Council are displayed in full here in a PowerPoint document.

Survey invitations were given to 2,945 registered voters and yielded 423 completed questionaires. The margin of error was +/- 4.4%. Summary results are below:



Q10  Now that you have heard a bit more about the measure, please read the measure summary one more time and indicate how you would vote.

Key Conclusions

Awareness & familiarity with the Plan are quite high

• The Plan in general & specific components of the Plan
Currently, voters are fairly evenly split on whether to support or oppose the Plan.

Strong support for many aspects of the Plan

• Improvements to landscaping, business mix, parking, environment, widened sidewalks & bike lanes, plazas, etc.

Opposition to the Plan is principally driven by traffic-related concerns (roundabouts & two-lanes).


See the complete PowerPoint presentation here.



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