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Vons Shopping Center (Del Mar Heights Village Center). Photo panorama Art Olson

What’s going to happen to the Vons shopping center on Del Mar Heights Road now that it has been purchased by the company that owns the Del Mar Highlands Town Center across I-5 on El Camino Real in Carmel Valley? One rumor has it that a Ralph’s Grocery Store will replace Vons. Another is that the Heights shopping center will be upgraded in the same manner as the Highlands shopping center.

Vons check out clerks Dan Cohen and Bernardo Nelson. 
All photos Ann Gardner.

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Rick Harvey, the Manager of the Vons store, clarified the situation. He said that Donahue Schriber, a retail property company, has purchased the Center with the stated purpose of renovating it. Furthermore, for all of those who indicate a devotion and affection for the “baby Vons” its manager noted that Vons “isn’t going anywhere.” “It owns the store and intends to continue providing service, positive energy and reasonable prices.”

Elizabeth Schreiber, vice president and general manager of Donahue Schriber, confirmed that it was their intention to update and improve the center; that they are excited about the potential of the property and are looking forward to working with the tenants and the neighborhood as they did for the Highlands property renovation. She also confirmed Harvey’s statement that Vons “isn’t going anywhere.” According to Schreiber, both Vons and CVS are individually owned anchor tenants.

Schreiber explained that before the renovation of Del Mar Highlands their company did extensive market research to determine what nearby residents wanted at the Center. Parking, food/restaurants and public gathering places got the most responses, and the upgrade was designed accordingly, she said. Schreiber added that the same renovation team would be working on the Heights upgrade.

Sport Clips and Le Bambou at the Vons shopping center.
Boulangerie owners Edgar and Argelia Escobar
CVS Pharmacy Techs Javier (Almaguer) and Victoria (N/A)
Bamboo Manager Annie Do
Reggie, Von's butcher
Shelia at Del Mar Cleaners



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