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City Slams One Paseo


The City of Del Mar has issued a formal response to the city of San Diego regarding the proposed One Paseo project proposal on Del Mar Heights Road. The letter concludes: “this project would create an island of urbanization in a community of relatively low-scale development. The project would not be much of a village but an over intensified mixed-use development that would be located in an area of existing high vehicle traffic and minimal mass transit opportunities for thousands of people who would be coming going from corporate, retail, residential, and hotel uses on a daily basis.”

The complete letter from the City of Del Mar to San Diego Development Services Center may be seen here.

Meanwhile, the Del Mar Heights Village Center sale to the company that owns Ralphs/Del Mar Highlands Town Center is expected this summer. Read the complete story in the Del Mar Times here.


Photo Jon Clark in the Del Mar Times, June 2012


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