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City Council Needs YOU!
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive



Amid the flurry of national and state elections it is easy to overlook our City’s need to elect qualified and dedicated leadership for the Council. On November 6 Del Martians will vote for three people to serve on our City Council. We urge you to consider serving.

The Sandpiper wants to make sure that you are aware that soon it will be time to submit your application, which can be picked up at City Hall on July 16 (with the last day for applying on Friday, August 10). There is a filing fee of $225. You will also need to get the signatures of 20-40 residents, to show there is support for your candidacy in town.

Serving on the City Council is a 4-year commitment. The newly elected Council will begin serving in January 2013.

Crystal Crawford, former 3-term Councilmember, advised the Sandpiper that the most valuable qualities a person can bring to the Council are: patience, flexibility and open-mindedness. Having served on City sub-committees and becoming aware of our issues is also important.

We urge you to consider running for City Council.


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