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Student Summer Sampler
Leila Z-P, Torrey Pines High School Junior


TPHS graduation ceremonies 2012. Photo Leila Z-P


As the fog of June Gloom lifts and is replaced by the warm sunrays of summer solstice, the reality of summer vacation starts to sink in.

Summer vacations for all San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD) students began on June 15th, and commencement ceremonies were also held on the same day for all of the 2012 graduating classes. With the end of the school year comes a two-month span students fill with an assortment of unique activities.
For Torrey Pines High School (TPHS) soon-to-be-senior, Grace B, summer is filled with exotic travels and summer camps.

“Last year [my family and I] climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and this year we are going to Ixtapa and Tecate to build houses.”

Hana J, a junior from Canyon Crest Academy (CCA), plans to spend two weeks of her summer traveling in her mother’s homeland, Japan.

“I’m mostly going to visit with my family who live there. Japan has good shopping and fun nightlife too” said Hana.

Others enjoy staying in town and going to local beaches. US News ranked San Diego third in “Best US Vacations” out of 21 popular destination spots this year.
“I don’t see the point of leaving. I spend my summer with sunny beach days, long skate rides, and chilling with friends,” shared Mike O’S, a junior at La Costa Canyon High School (LCCHS).

One of the many local summer attractions is the San Diego County Fair. The Fair appeals to thrill seekers of all ages who go for the rides but it also provides many opportunities for students seeking part time summer jobs.

“My job [at the fair] is groundskeeping, meaning I pick up trash. It’s really easy and I get paid minimum wage which is reasonable for my duty,” said Eva B, a senior at TPHS. Eva explained she “needs extra money” during the summer and for the following school year.

CCA 2012 graduate, Matteo L-B, also hopes to find a job before heading off to University of California Riverside in September, “I need to get a job to make some extra cash before college, and maybe I’ll even find a job when I’m there.”

SDUHSD students spend their summers in an assortment of ways and in a variety of places during their two months without school, whether the time is spent traveling to distant destinations or staying locally and enjoying San Diego’s beaches. And on the first day of school, the 28th of August, the countdown to next summer begins.


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