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Beach Safety Center Grand Opening
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito Del Rocio


A huge crowd turned out on Wednesday afternoon, June 27, to dedicate the new Beach Safety Center and to acknowledge those whose vision, persistence, and generosity have made it a reality.  Diners at the Poseidon Restaurant, one of many major contributors, hung over the railing of the terrace to watch. Even those who remained at their tables bowed over their plates could hardly have failed to be aware of the speeches and the constant applause.



Seen from the balcony after the ceremonies: Carl Hilliard, Mayor, in a Hawaiian print; Barbara Harper, President of the Friends of the Powerhouse, in pale blue with a purple lei; Pat Vergne, Lifeguard Chief, in red; John Kerridge, Del Mar citizen, in gray.  Click on photo to enlarge.


After the ceremonies visitors were invited to visit the Safety Center. Given a detailed map of the premises (shown below) the visitors were provided with additional explanations by the lifeguards. A few who were not acting as guides kept a sharp eye from the observation deck. A Del Mar Day - sunny and breezy, the sky brilliant, sand and surf populated to capacity!


Pat Vergne, Lifeguard Chief, in the red lifeguard shirt. 


Plan given to visitors at the opening




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