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About Development
Tom McGreal | Stratford Court


Will we lose the charm and beauty of Del Mar Village with the proposed new doubling of density and increased building heights?

At present the Del Mar Village has 280,000 square feet of developed space (not including L’Auberge and the Plaza). The VSP proposes to develop 600,000 square feet of retail, office, lodging, public facilities, plazas and new residences. It’s hard to comprehend more than doubling the density of our little village. This includes the development of 140 new residential units covering an estimated 167,500 square feet and up to 210,000 square feet.

VSP also proposes to increase the height limits from 14 feet to 26 feet along the west side of Camino Del Mar as measured from the front sidewalk.

The City Council’s priority should be to protect the small town character of Del Mar Village. The second priority should then be to create regulations that will attract development that fits the Del Mar Village character. The VSP has gone too far in trying to entice property owners to redevelop.

From a business standpoint, the new development costs will increase the investment in the properties making it even more expensive for businesses to rent or lease space.

For the residents the VSP simply proposes too much density and too much risk to the character of our Village, and in addition increases the noise and pollution.


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