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About Village Specific Plan
Anthony Corso | Stratford Court


The Del Mar Village Specific Plan has made its way through numerous formal and informal outreach meetings. In a series of very lengthy evening sessions, held on June 4. 18, and 25 the City Council reviewed and evaluated recommendations from the community and staff and directe fd staff to formulate modifications wherever they felt appropriate. On July 10 the final draft will be reviewed by the Planning Commission. During July a survey of public opinion on the VSP will be conducted for Council consideration. On August 6 the Council will conduct its final review. There will be opportunities at both meetings for public input. At the August 6 meeting the Council will decide whether to put the plan on the November ballot. If they approve, no further changes can be made to the plan before the public votes. If not, they will consider setting a special election later, perhaps in March or April of next year.

These pages summarize changes that have been made in the final draft and questions that members of the community believe need further consideration.


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