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Political Scuttlebutt
Dave Druker | 10th Street


The primary for California was held on Tuesday, June 5. This was the first time that the top two vote getters for each office will face-off in the November General Election instead of the top Democrat, Republican and other party designees. It will be interesting to see if, as usual, more Republicans than Democrats show up at the polls and if any independents actually show up.

In the Congressional Elections, there was a very close election in the 52nd District between second place finisher Scott Peters with 22.59% and third place finisher Lori Saldana with 22.12%. Their combined total was better than first place finisher Brian Bilbray with 41.02%. This will be a very hotly contested race this fall.
In our district, the 49th, there was no contest between Darrell Issa with 59% of the vote versus Jerry Tetelman with 32%.

The 51st District did reveal an interesting strategy as Juan Vargas, a Democrat and the winner, provided money to the second place finisher Michael Crimmins, a Republican, so that he would not have to face another Democrat, Denise Ducheny, in the November General Election.

Locally, there are still only two candidates for the Del Mar City Council – Don Mosier has declared his intention to seek reelection and Sherryl Parks has begun to organize. It is surprising that the proponents of maintaining the Shores Property as a dog park, the proponents of maintaining the Shores Property for a playing field, or the proponents of the Village Specific Plan have not identified a candidate.


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