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Super In ‘N’ Out
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive


The November 6th ballot will find Republican Steven Danon pitted against Democrat Dave Roberts for the 3rd District’s Supervisor’s seat held by Pam Slater-Price who announced her plan not to run for re-election last summer.

The results of the June election for all five candidates are as follows:

STEVE  DANON 33,092.00 33.9%
DAVE ROBERTS 30,715.00 31.5%
CARL  HILLIARD 19,275.00 19.8%
BRYAN M. ZIEGLER 8,426.00 8.6%
STEPHEN  PATE   6,045.00 6.2%

Roberts won Del Mar receiving 525 votes beating Mayor Carl Hilliard’s 445 votes to a distant 188 votes for Danon. Roberts won in every precinct with the closest vote in the Torrey Pines area.

Roberts, a Solana Beach councilman, started to campaign in January and in five months was able to capture the concerns of voters who rejected the county’s proposal to streamline community-planning groups. Roberts spoke to the need to keep planning strong. Additionally Roberts sided with Supervisors Slater-Price and Jacob to oppose San Diego Gas and Electric’s request to recover liability costs from ratepayers for the 2007 wildfires. Roberts focused on preservation of the coastline and open space, issues near and dear to the hearts of Del Martians. Roberts received the endorsement of Slater-Price, which surprised some since she is a Republican and Roberts is a Democrat and a relative newcomer to San Diego politics.

In contrast, Danon began campaigning over a year ago with the promise to spur job creation, cut government spending and lead a number of reforms (doing away with pensions for new nonpublic safety employees and replacing them with 401(k) type plans). Danon also pledged to end the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, which provides grant funds to county departments, public agencies and nonprofits. The “slush fund,” if not completely eliminated, should include a residents’ panel “ so that every group that elicits taxpayer funds will be thoroughly vetted before one dollar is allocated,” Danon said.

Danon aggressively campaigned in the last weeks against Hilliard, questioning both his character and his record. Mudslinging between Hilliard and Danon was played out in mailers during the final weeks of the campaign, so it was surprising to many that shortly after election results were announced, Hilliard decided to endorse Danon.
In fact, on June 18, Danon’s campaign reported that Hilliard would join his campaign as co-chair, and chair of his finance committee.
We asked Hilliard why he is supporting Danon and he said, “I could quietly disappear and let Steve Danon and Dave Roberts duke it out for County Supervisor, District 3, but I’m not that kind of a guy. I believe in everything I stood for during the election – fiscal conservatism, improving the economy and making county government more responsive to the needs of the public that it serves. Unlike Dave Roberts, Steve shares my core values. I want Steve to win, so I’m doing what I can to make that happen.”

Roberts sent a thank you note to voters (Del Mar Times, June 14) highlighting his desire to work at the county level in a bi-partisan fashion as the county faces big issues. It will be interesting to see which candidate will fill this seat that has not been without an incumbent for 17 years.


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