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Below are excerpts from a proposal made by Dwight Worden, Dave Druker, and Bud Emerson to the City Council. (The full text can be found on the Sandpiper website.) The Council has taken the proposal under advisement until additional community workshops have been conducted.

STRATEGY. Given the complexity of the Specific Plan and the level of discomfort with it in the community, and the likely hyper-partisan November 2012 election, it is proposed that more time be taken to review, revise and improve the Plan so it can be improved and placed on a “calmer” ballot, perhaps in the March-June 2013 time frame. It is believed that scheduling the vote in November 2012 is too ambitious and likely to lead to defeat of the Plan. Accordingly, the proposed strategy is to reschedule the public ballot for a future date and to use the additional time to discuss, refine and incorporate revisions into the Specific Plan that cover the specific points set out below, [not to re-open the entire Plan].

It is suggested that the Council create a citizens ad hoc advisory committee to work with Planning to identify plan modifications likely to garner wider support focusing on the points below. The committee should include a good cross section of the community, including opponents, skeptics, supporters, and nearby neighbors (This process proved effective in gaining strong community support in the Garden project which passed at the ballot with 80 plus % of the vote.)

Financing Plan. A financing plan needs to be developed and publicly vetted before the Specific Plan is submitted to the voters.

A Phasing Plan. A phasing plan to set out the timelines and parameters for redevelopment of the downtown needs to be included in the Specific Plan.

Neighborhood Protection Measures. At minimum, the Specific Plan shall identify those areas impacted by traffic, parking, views, or other impacts arising out of the Specific Plan and how those impacts will be mitigated.

Fourth Street and 15th Street Transitions. Implement a transition plan to effectively, and attractively; narrow to one lane between 4th and 9th and north of 15th.

Mixed Use Housing. Identification of the precise number, size, and location of proposed residential units in the Specific Plan area.

Incentives For Local Serving Commercial. more on the Sandpiper website: www.delmarsandpiper.org#complete

Parking Structure On The Church Property. more on the Sandpiper website: www.delmarsandpiper.org

Measure B. Measure B shall remain on the books and Measure B votes will be required for any future projects that do not conform to a voter approved Specific Plan.

Height On West Of Camino del Mar. Revise height allowed as a matter of right down from 26 and 30 feet as proposed in the current draft VSP, to 14 feet by right with the discretionary ability, where specified community goals are met, to go higher.

Outreach Re Impacts Of Camino del Mar Going From 4 Lanes To 2 Lanes. Undertake additional outreach efforts to engage, inform, and educate as much of the community as possible on the reasons for the proposal to reduce Camino del Mar from 4 lanes to 2 lanes (one in each direction), how that change will impact traffic flow, parking, the ambiance of downtown,and most importantly how it will impact adjoining neighborhoods and the rest of the community.


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