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Village Specific Plan 
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Butcher, Baker, and Starbucks


Merchants Mind
Dave Druker | 10th Street

Poster posted by some merchants.  Photo Dave Druker.


A group of downtown merchants have posted a sign in their windows stating “Yes to Revitalization without roundabouts and 2 lanes.” Randy Gruber - owner of Americana Restaurant and David Goodell owner of Frustrated Cowboy, said they posted the sign because they wanted to make sure the City Council understands their displeasure with the current Village Specific Plan and their frustration that the City Council has not listened to their objections.

Over 16 merchants along 15th St and Camino del Mar haves posted these signs. The merchants include restaurants, real estate offices and service providers. Their fear is that roundabouts and reducing Camino del Mar to two lanes will drive customers away from Del Mar. Specifically, Randy cited the number of businesses that have come and gone in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla. They are also concerned about the traffic spillover into the neighbors. The transition between Jimmy Durante and 15th street and 4th and 9th streets are of additional concern.
In general though, the merchants support the idea of a parking lot at City Hall, increased FAR and height on the west side of Camino del Mar and the mix of residential and commercial. The group is not an official organization but rather an informal group that has specific concerns. It will be interesting to see if the council listens to their concerns or whether this group will coalesce with others that have expressed opposition to the Village Specific Plan.


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