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Council’ s Nuclear Challenge
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street


On May 9th, in preparation for a presentation to Council at the upcoming June 18th Del Mar City Council meeting, representatives from SDG&E and Southern California Edison (SCE) gave a briefing/presentation on the current status of the troubled San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) to interested Del Mar Council Members and staff. Council members in attendance, Lee Haydu, Don Mosier, and Terry Sinnott, who had clearly studied the plant’s problems, asked such educated questions that the SDG&E and SCE representatives asked to do more research and get back to them with accurate answers.

SCE recently backed off from comments indicating that they hoped to have the San Onofre plant, shuttered since a leak of radioactive steam on January 31st, operating at a reduced capacity in June, and federal regulators have said there is no timetable to restart the reactors at the nuclear plant.

A recent study, commissioned by Friends of the Earth and produced by Vermont-based Fairwinds Associates, asserts that modifications made by SCE, which they believe should have gone through a more rigorous review by federal regulators, are causing hundreds of tubes within the plant’s generators to show unusual wear at an accelerated rate. An additional Fairwinds report concluded that restarting the plant at reduced power to decrease the vibrations that may be causing the unusual tube wear would do nothing to solve the problem.

For the latest information on the condition of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant, and on contingency plans by its operators to ensure that the plant’s outage will not result in blackouts over the summer, Del Mar residents are encouraged to attend the June 18th City Council Meeting.


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